FA-1212C Series


Products specification might be changed without notice.


Common Specifications

Precautions for Use

* Do not use this product without carefully reading the
attached owner’s manual.
* Use with an external stopper.
* Ensure that sufficient mounting strength is secured for this product. (As a
guideline, it should be 2 to 3 times the maximum drag listed in the catalogue.)
* Do not turn the oil inlet screw located at the bottom of the main unit.
* 2 or more of this product can be used in parallel.
* Do not use this product in a vacuum or a location where it
may come in contact with oil.
* Ensure that an eccentric load is not applied to the soft absorber.
(Allowable eccentric angle: within ±2.5°)
* Do not over-tighten the main unit and nuts. Please use the
tightening torque (1.5N·m) listed in the owner’s manual. If
anchoring the absorber against the ø14.6 unit, please use a
tightening torque of 1.0N·m.

Notes on specifications / Adjusting method

Please peruse the operation manual carefully before use. Do not operate without sufficient mounting strength. Do not operate without an external stopper. Note that Products specification might be changed without notice.

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