– XTB-PLC Series
32-points, I/O interface terminal block for PLC
– Features
I/O fixed interface terminal blocks for various PLC

590.00 ฿



– Minimum size without unused terminal blocks (131.0 X 47.0㎜)
32-point terminal block for PLC I/O composed of I/O 32P and power supply 2P (34P)
Minimal size by eliminating unused terminals for I/O wiring of the existing 40P terminal block
– Convenient wiring with fixed I/O
The power is separated on the left, so the 2P, I/O signal arrangement is fixed to start from the left,
so wiring is convenient and incorrect wiring is prevented in advance
– Easy operation and maintenance
Width 34.5~35㎜ distributed in Korea by applying a clip of DIN rail locking structure
When mounted on a DIN rail, no stopper is required, saving space
– Structure with excellent environmental resistance and safety
As an integrated-type in which PCB is not exposed to the outside, it has an electrically safe structure such as dust,
moisture, etc. and flame retardant material is used for external case