Mitsubishi Inverter FR-D700 series – 200v Single phase input -Indicate capacity for motor 750W



FR-D720S-0.75K – Mitsubishi Inverter FR-D700 series – 200v Single phase input -Indicate capacity for motor 750W


FR-D700 Series

A diverse product range helps make you the right product choice. Day by day, in heavy industrial use, our frequency inverters prove their high levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

Standards for small-format drives and provide an easy entry to the world of modern variable speed drive technology.

Inverter Model


Improved reliability and easy maintenance

• Spring clamp terminals provide high reliability and easy wiring.
• Shutoff circuit (hardware) securely provides emergency output shutoffs.
• The inverter with the safety stop function can comply with the safety standards without incurring too much cost.
• Parameter writing/reading can be restricted with a 4-digit password.
• The lives of the cooling fan and capacitor have been extended.
• Using the self-diagnosis function, the part life warning can be output and the degree of deterioration can be monitored to prevent malfunction.

Pursuing the best performance

• The General-purpose magnetic flux vector control and the auto tuning function enable reliable operation in applications that require large starting torque. (150% 1 Hz, 200% 3 Hz (3.7K or lower with the slip compensation))

Easy-to-use (pursuing the easy operation)

• The non-slip, adaptable scroll speed setting dial allows for quick jumps or precise increments based on turning speed.
• Setting can be made easily from a personal computer with FR Configurator.
• An enclosure surface operation panel, which can be attached on an enclosure surface, is available as an option. Operation panel for the FR-E500 series inverters can be also connected.
• The inverters with 0.4K or higher capacity have built-in regenerative brake transistors, and their usage can be extended to a lift application.

Environmentally friendly

• Filter options reduce the electromagnetic noise generated at the inverter and enables the compliance with the harmonic suppression guidelines of Japan

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