FP0-A04V(AFP04121) Panasonic PLC FP0-E16T,Can be expanded to 3 units 128 points, 2,With the shape of a small body of the terminal

  1. Independent comment memory for documenting purposes
  2. 0 port provides high-speed program transfer
  3. The new F-type FP0R provides maintenance-free and complete backup of all data without requiring a battery. Industry’s first!
  4. Highly advanced, built-in positioning functions for up to 4 axes (servo/stepping motor)
  5. Target speed can be changed by an external signal input during jog operation or trapezoidal control
  6. Can read encoder signals of up to 50kHz (pulse frequency measurement)
  7. 6-channel high-speed counters and 4-axis pulse outputs can be used simultaneously
  8. FP0R units provide various kinds of networking communication using a built-in interface or expansion units
  9. Ultra high-speed processing enhances productivity
  10. An ultra high-speed of 0.08µs/step for basic instructions for the first 3000 steps and 0.58µs/step thereafter. The FP0R is ideal for positioning and process automation applications, e.g. in labeling machines.
  11. Large programming capacity of 16k or 32k steps
  12. Generous data register of up to 12k or 32k word


Small size of W25*H90*D60mm
Can be expanded to 3 units 128 points
Scan time is about 1ms high-speed computing
With the shape of a small body of the terminal
Program capacity of 10K-based products with market