FK Series


●Products specification might be changed without notice.


● With a fixed, specially-designed orifice structure,an
optimal impact absorption can be achieved,even under
variable operating conditions.
● The main unit can also be used as a stopper.
(Noexternal stopper required, except for FK-3625A□)
● We have three available types to accommodate
various speeds.
For low-speed: L, for medium-speed: M, for high-speed: H
● Urethane cap specification is also available.
● 2 or more of this product can be used in parallel.
● This product can also


Precautions for Use

* Do not use this product without carefully reading the attached
owner’s manual.
* Do not turn the oil inlet screw located at the bottom of the
main unit.
* Ensure that sufficient mounting strength is secured for this
product. (As a guideline, it should be 2 to 3 times the maximum
drag listed in the catalogue.)
* Do not use this product in a vacuum or a location where it
may come in contact with oil.
* Ensure that an eccentric load is not applied to the soft absorber.
(Allowable eccentric angle: ±2.5°)
* We recommend that you use it with an external stopper(OP-020**).
* Urethane caps are consumable goods that need to be replaced
with new ones if necessary.



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