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FES Series


Product Description

The emergency stopper, available for only one-time use, is designed to urgently stop in runway of the devices with an linear motor or servomotor.
Absorbs the energy using the plastic deformation of metal. Differs from the general hydraulic pressure shock absorber, impervious to an oil leak.
Designed more compact than a hydraulic pressure shock absorber with the similar absorption capacity.
Also, a rebound, frequently seen in a rubber stopper, does not occur and the excellent absorption characteristics cause no damage to the device.



Product Characteristics

* Excellent absorption characteristic
* Compact with large absorption capacity
* Usable without an external stopper
* Maintenance-free
* Little changes in the characteristics
with operating temperature

Precautions for Use

* Do not use this product without carefully reading the attached
owner’s manual.
* Ensure that sufficient mounting strength is secured for this
product. (As a guideline, it should be 2 to 3 times the maximum
drag listed in the catalog.)
* 2 or more of this product can be used in parallel.
* Ensure that an eccentric load is not applied to the product.
* You can use the product only once. Not available repeatedly.



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