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FA-B Series


In many production lines of lithium ion batteries, use of the c opper-containing materials is unacceptable, so Fuji Latex has developed the product that can be used under such condition.

Product Features

● The product is not made from copper-containing materials at all and can be used in an environment where copper ion is unacceptable.
● Models of M8 to M27 in external diameter with the FA/FWM adjusting function are available.
● It is very easy to replace the product because the external diameter of the product is the same as that of the standard specifications.

About Model

Please add “B” to the model of the standard specifications.
Example: FWM-B1008VBD-S (Model of the standard specification: FWM-1008VBD-S)

Dimensions and Specifications

* The dimensions and specifications are similar to those of the standard products of the FA/FWM series.

Precautions for Use

* If you use the optional part, please contact our sales department.



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