FA-1612XB Series



Common Specifications

Selection Guideline

The FA-1612 series has the following three patterns of absorption characteristics depending on the orifice type. Please use the following information as a guideline when making your selection.

Precautions for Use

* Do not use this product without carefully reading the attached owner’s manual.
* Ensure that an external stopper (Stopper nut OP-020HB) is also used.
* Do not turn the oil inlet screw located at the bottom of the main unit.
* Ensure that sufficient mounting strength is secured for this product. (As a
guideline, it should be 2 to 3 times the maximum drag listed in the catalogue.)
* Do not use this product in a vacuum or a location where it may come in contact with oil.
* Ensure that an eccentric load is not applied to the soft absorber
(Allowable eccentric angle: within ±2.5°)

Adjusting method

* To adjust, turn the adjustment knob located at the bottom of
the main unit.
* Because the adjustment can be done in an analog manner, a
value between two integers on the indicator can be set.
* Once the adjustment is complete, secure with a lock screw
using a hex wrench.

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