Nidec Sankyo

เราจำหน่าย Nidec Sankyo – Servo Motor และ Servo Driver – ซื้อสินค้าง่าย-มีระบบจัดส่ง-มีมาตราฐาน-จดทะเบียนการค้าอิเลคทรอนิกส์ มีความปลอดภัย-ราคาเหมาะสม

Nidec Sankyo

Under recent trends of factory automation, the manufacturing landscape is undergoing rapid transformation.

The Sankyo AC Servo Motor

is designed to play an essential, invaluable role supportingyour high efficiency, high precision, energy-saving, and high-value applications. Responding to the demands of the increasingly sophisticated market, the performance of the AC Servo Series


hasevolved to fulfill all your application needs. Our one-of-a-kind S-FLAG Multi-Axis Amplifier offers the most sophisticated and flexible axis configurations.


the company with the leading track record in manufacturing LCD panel-handling robots – is committed to serving you with comprehensive solutions alongside our multi-axis servos.

With our state-of-the-art technology, Sankyo consistently meets the
increasingly diverse needs of our times, and delivers products to
meet your expectations

A wide range of customers

have found S-FLAG invaluable for many
industrial equipment and machinery needs. S-FLAG is now being
applied in semiconductor manufacturing machines, processing
machines, printing machines, textile machines, a large variety of
automation machinery, as well as for LED panel-handling robots