Servo Driver

เราจำหน่าย Panasonic – Servo Motor และ Servo  Driver – ซื้อสินค้าง่าย-มีระบบจัดส่ง-มีมาตราฐาน-จดทะเบียนการค้าอิเลคทรอนิกส์ มีความปลอดภัย-ราคาเหมาะสม

MINAS A6 FamilyMINAS A6 FamilyMore compact,

more faster and more easy-to-use Servomotors that meet the demands of the present age.

A6SE Series : Incremental-only, Pulse line input type
A6SG Series : Pulse line input, Modbus (RS485/RS232) type
A6SF Series : Analog, Pulse line input, Modbus (RS485/RS232) type
A6NE Series : Ultra high-speed Network type (RTEX) without the safety function
A6NF Series : Ultra high-speed Network type (RTEX) with the safety function

High-speed response, high-precision positioning for quick and accurate movement

Our proprietary algorithm in addition to upgraded CPU and other hardware realized further high-speed response. Furthermore, high-precision positioning is achieved by automatically eliminating micro vibrations and machine oscillation caused by the resonance.

Easy and quick setting, shortening conventional settling time by approx. 64%

Newly developed fit gain function substantially reduces adjustment time. Adaptive notch filter and various gains can be automatically set and adjusted.

Realized 3.2 kHz frequency response to improve productivity.

Realizes 3.2 kHz frequency response. At 139% that of conventional models, it enables hjgh-speed operation and improves productivity.