HIWIN Rail (Linear Guideway)

HIWIN  Linear Guideway Rail

Linear Guideway Rail

HG Series – Linear Guideway Rail

HG series linear guideways are designed with load capacity and rigidity higher than other similar products with circular-arc groove and structure optimization. It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error. Thus, HIWIN HG series linear guideways can achieve a long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.
Rail types
Besides the standard top mounting type, HIWIN also offers the bottom mounting type of rails to customers.

EG Series – Linear Guideway Rail

The design of the EG series offers a low profile, high load capacity, and high rigidity. It also features an equal load rating in all four directions and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error, allowing for higher accuracies. Additionally, the lower assembly height and the shorter length make the EG series more suitable for high-speed, automation machines and applications where space is limited. The retainer is designed to hold the balls in the block even when it is removed from the rail.
Rail types
Besides the standard top mounting type, HIWIN also offers bottom mounting type rails.

MG Series – Linear Guideway Rail

1. Tiny and light weight, suitable for miniature equipment.
2. All materials for block and rail, including rolling balls and ball retainers, are in special grade of stainless steel for anti-corrosion purpose.
3. Gothic arch contact design can sustain loads from all directions and offer high rigidity and high accuracy.
4. Steel balls will be held by miniature retainer to avoid balls from falling out even when the blocks are removed from the rail installation.
5. Interchangeable types are available in certain precision grades.

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